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BIG seminar with Sifu Elmond Leung & Sifu Haw Kuo

It gives me great pleasure to finally be able to report that last year we had a very successful seminar with Sifu Elmond Leung of San Francisco with Sifus Haw Kuo and Marcus Clever as assistants.

Due to the politics rampant in other associations, we were unable to publish this news as well as photographs to protect those involved.  Now that the political situation is resolved, we can happily report on this fantastic event.

Sifu Elmond Leung was originally a student of great grandmaster Yip Man during the late sixties under the Ving Tsun Athletic Association.  After the great grandmaster retired from teaching, he appointed his young student, Sifu Leung Ting to be the new chief instructor of the VTAA.  Since that time the young Elmond Leung followed his new Sifu in the very early years of WT's development. This actually makes Sifu Elmond one of the most senior in the entire WT family as his membership in the art predates the WT association itself.  We are very honored to have this living gem of WT present to teach us here in NYC.

Sifu Elmond along with Sifu Haw Kuo taught the students how to use the basic WT hand techniques in combination with footwork and angles to avoid the direct power of the opponent.  This is a strong contrast to instructors who simply teach self-defense or escapes from holds.  If you teach a student one technique then you show them something they might use (if they practice it), but if you improve student's footwork and concepts then you improve their entire Wing Tsun.  It's for this reason that City Wing Tsun invites instructors of this high caliber to teach and help the students improve rather than just pile techniques on the plate.

The seminar was a huge success too not just in the quality of the Wing Tsun taught, but also in the numbers.  There were over 40 people in attendance.  Unfortunately we can't show the group photo as there were a number of visitors from all over North America (USA & Canada) who wish to remain anonymous due to the aforementioned politics.

We look forward to inviting Sifu Elmond Leung and Sifu Haw Kuo for more seminars in the future.  We will also be inviting other guest instructors as well... stay tuned for those announcements!