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Fantastic weekend in San Antonio!

Fundamental sticking drill for single arm chi sau developmentI just arrived back from three very successful and busy days in San Antonio.  I'm very happy to see the tremendous progress made by my to-suen (kung fu grand kids :) at the very capable hands of Sifu Glenn Tillman and Sifu Ram DePena of Alamo City Wing Tsun.  It's not an easy task taking on students who have learned elsewhere, but after this third trip to San Antonio I can see that they are starting to truly embrace the very practical "Hong Kong style" Wing Tsun that I teach using modern Western teaching methods.

We had a good turnout for the seminar, with guests coming in from other schools.  For this reason we can't publish a group photo as we need to protect the anonymity of our guests.  Other WT schools are not forgiving with their students visiting elsewhere unfortunately.

During the seminar I taught the beginners how to apply the very fundamental arrow step in different timings (early and late).  Additionally I taught them how to apply kickingPrivate instruction is necessary to raise the standard against and evasive opponent as well as some very fundamental anti-grappling.  The more senior students learned how to defend the most common "WC tricks" such as lop sau back fists etc.  Later in the second half I worked them all on their chi sau and dan chi sau programs and then finally culminated with our anti-grappling program for stand-up.   Most WT schools teach a very poor anti-grappling program because they don't actually know how grapplers attack.  I showed my students how to properly do single-leg takedowns which require a much better defense than the all-too-common pinning hand/downward elbow.  The students really seemed to appreciate learning this more realistic style and they picked up the concepts and training methods very well.

In addition to the seminar, both Sifus took about five hours of private training with me.  We were able to cover a lot of ground and they were able to finally feel the real difference in my chi sau compared to others.  A number of ACWT students also did private training with me and they seemed to have a really good time.  I'm very pleased with the skills and progress of the ACWT crew!

I'm looking forward to coming to San Antonio again in October.  Keep working hard guys!

Happy crew!