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Successful seminar in Augusta, Georgia

Southeastern WT Center - One year old and growing!!It's been a couple weeks since I updated my blog here.  In the last couple weeks we have been working very hard on a number of different projects, everything from finalizing the new website to revamping our social media, to improving our instructor training programs.  This has left me and my team running ragged, and finally today I have a bit of time to update you all.

Followers of my blog will know that at the end of April I taught my first seminar at the Southeastern Wing Tsun Center, our Network Partner School in Augusta.  The Southeastern Wing Tsun Center, led by my student Casper Fagerberg, just recently celebrated their one-year anniversary.  For a school that is only a year old I'm very happy with the progress.  The feedback from the students was extremely positive and I was also impressed with the general standard.  During the student tests, I tested them with the same standards as in my NYC headquarters and they all passed with flying colors.  This is all due to the hard work of Casper (and other branch instructors) teaching according to our criteria.

WT's famous "yap ma bo faat" (stance entering step)The first day was a standard WT seminar divided up by levels.  Beginners learned important footwork and defense mechanisms for applying WT on the street.  There are a number of common counters that non-Wing Tsun (i.e. street-fighters) attempt to use against WT's chain-punching.  I taught them the most solid counters and let them work it really hard to develop confidence against a resisting opponent.  The senior students worked on chi sau as well as free-sparring and defense on the ground.

On the second day I taught a small group private lesson on the topic of restraining and subduing an opponent without using WT's trademark striking.  This is particularly useful for those in law enforcement or security.  One of the participants was a ten-year veteran of MMA who was pretty impressed with WT's restraining methods - many things which he had never seen before in wrestling or jiu-jitsu.

In addition to the seminars, Casper and other students coming as far as North Carolina took many hours of private training with me.  Casper has also trained a number of women as well and they are technically skilled and vicious :)

All in all I'm very proud of the progress and continual growth of this very new school!

Check out the Southeastern Wing Tsun Center's website here.

Additionally, you can "like" the Southeastern Wing Tsun Center on Facebook here, and follow them on Twitter here.