Amazing images from our TUMBLR page

If you haven't been to our Tumblr page recently, you are missing out on some tremendous shots.  Our social media director Kristy Elena has really done a fantastic job of using social media to show people what City Wing Tsun is all about.  Check out these two amazing shots from our Tumblr page - one of my senior student, Sifu Nicole Daniels and another intense shot from our recent trainer examination.


Kettlebell Institute workshop planned for 2013

Me introducing the mighty Kenneth Jay to the WT long pole.It is an honor to host Kettlebell Institute founder Kenneth Jay next year for his first certification workshop in NYC.  As many know I was certified this year under the KBI and I have found Kenneth's approach truly unique and refreshing.  His newly development methods emphasize spiraling and whip forces which is a bit different from the hardstyle practiced by many.  I'm a huge fan of hardstyle, but I find that the new KBI methods are extremely congruent with our goals for strength and conditioning in Wing Tsun kung fu.  In addition to the amazing kettlebell methods taught by Kenneth, the sheer amount of information he provides, as well as the ever-evolving use of the most current scientific discoveries make this an event not to miss.

I highly recommend this workshop for Wing Tsun instructors and trainers as well as it will help them bring their coaching and corrective skills to a new level.

First KBI Certification Workshop at City Wing Tsun NYC:

April 6-7 2013
9:00am-6:00pm both days
For more information, and to register online (substantial discounts for registering early) go to 

Eleven fresh new primary level trainers at CWT!

This past weekend was a huge occasion for our school and for the development of Wing Tsun in North America.  My largest graduating class of primary levels to date all successfully passed their examinations after four grueling hours.  I was very happy to see the level and standard of the students both technically in their forms and chi sau programs and most importantly in the sparring and application. 

I personally want to extend my congrats to the following 11 freshly minted primary level trainers (in no particular order): Eugene T., Pete M., Roland B., Pawel Z., Mike Y., Joe M., Kyle C., Nigel M., Brian C., Percy M., Casper F.

The graduating class! Pete M. is missing from the photo as he had to rush to work at the end of the test.

It’s been a rewarding process to finally have control of the quality of the instructors that come up through the ranks.  Gone are the days where advancing in rank is a matter of just showing up to seminars.  Those who want the rank must earn it!

I’m not only proud of my NYC crew who tested, but also Joe from North Carolina (Ryan Leung’s student) and also Casper (our Georgia school leader).   Ryan Leung has done a fantastic job of preparing his first student all the way to primary level and I’m proud of both of them.  Casper has definitely stepped up after being with CWT for only a year and a half.  When he joined us he was on a long hiatus from WT and his previous instructor did not hold the same standards or knowledge that we require.  Despite starting with a deficit in knowledge and training methods, Casper stepped up and brought himself up to our standard.  Since Casper joined us, he has visited the NYC HQ many times for instructor classes and seminars in addition to taking private lessons with me as well.  Casper has easily logged in 80 hours of training with me in my school and privately in addition to his regular training with Ryan in North Carolina. 

Things are about to go down! Roland a split second before demonstrating how WT does things on the ground.Please note that at CWT we make a distinction between “technicians” & “trainers/instructors”.  Those who wish to learn WT to a high level may do so without becoming an instructor.  We call all non-instructing high ranking members “technicians”.  Only those who have undergone special training on how to teach and who have experience teaching get the label of trainer or instructor.  We do this because not all people are suited to be an instructor, nor does everyone want to be an instructor.  To force people to teach or run classes solely to advance in rank does a huge disservice to both the students and the unhappy “forced instructor”.  All those who tested this past weekend also happen to help teach and are thusly qualified as “primary level trainers”.  At second level they will be deemed full-instructors and thusly “sifu” with the additional training and testing required for that.

Only quality counts!  Sifu is proud of you guys!!


The Man With the Iron Fists comes to City Wing Tsun!

I just want to give a big thanks to our friends at Universal Pictures for sending us a promo kit for the new film The Man With the Iron Fists.  The folks at Universal Pictures were kind enough to send us some swag in the form of movie posters, bandanas, and coasters.  All of these are available at the school for free to our students and friends.

The Man With the Iron Fists is a crazy martial arts actioner that is also the directorial debut of Wu-Tang ringleader the RZA.  It's starring Russell Crowe, Lucy Liu and UFC fighter Cung Le.  Cung even retweeted me, apparently Universal forgot to send him the swag, and he is starring in the movie!

The movie premiers Friday, Nov. 2nd nationwide.

With the craziness of this week's hurricane and the school being closed for most of that time, I hope to get a moment this weekend to check out the movie.


What a weekend in Georgia!!

The group shot from this past weekend's workshopIn addition to all the hype from hurricane Sandy, this past weekend's seminar in Augusta turned out to be quite the exciting event.  Casper Fagerberg, head of the Southeastern Wing Tsun Center, moved the school to a permanent location recently.  The student base is growing and the facilities at the new location are really fantastic.

The Southeastern WT Center is the fourth brick and mortar (permanent) location in the City Wing Tsun Network.  The CWT Network has more brick and mortar schools than any other North American WT association.

I arrived in Georgia on Friday night and we pretty much hit the ground running from there.  Saturday morning began with a one-hour self-defense class that was open to the public.  I taught the participants the basic WT strategy in a one-on-one confrontation.  This is based of the very intelligent Blitz Defence program that was created by my Si-Fu many years ago.  This is a vital program as it covers aspects not normally covered in the classical WT.  Self-defense encounters in the modern day and age rarely, if ever begin with the participants able to even set up their hands in a martial arts 'ready position'.  With de-escalation tactics available, it is in fact a bit primitive to simply draw up a man sau/wu sau (WT's ready position) when other smarter tactics are available.  The participants trained hard and seemed to enjoy themselves.  Ribbon cutting for the grand opening

Right after the self-defense workshop was my four-hour workshop.  The workshop covered similar material to my recent CT and San Antonio workshops.  When I do a seminar tour like this past one I generally teach the same topics so that all schools are up on the same standard.  I went into details about the plum flower step and how it allows the students to achieve the "stance inserting" technique to occupy space.  The students practiced this both against punching attacks and kicking attacks.  I also worked with the senior students on their chi sau techniques from the fourth section, particularly how to attack with the essential "po jung lok" (hacking down from the center).

After the workshop were the intense student examinations.  I had to do 25 examinations for the beginning and intermediate levels.  I'm very happy to see that the standard of the students is raising higher and higher every time.  Casper originally learned from another instructor and as such I had a lot of work to get him up to the CWT standard.  With regular visits to the HQ in NYC and regular seminars, Casper has quickly adapted quite a bit of WT game already.  I'm very proud of his ever-increasing abilities as an instructor, school-owner and as a WT trainee.

The facilities at the Southeastern Wing Tsun Center are really top-notch.  The facilities have a fitness center with a variety of equipment, lockers, showers, an office and all the toys one expects in a proper WT school.  Once the student examinations were finished, we celebrated the official grand opening of the school with a ribbon cutting ceremony and with a party.  It was a very memorable night!

In front of the road sign for the SEWTCOn Sunday came the unfortunate news that my flight back to NYC on Monday would be cancelled.  This put me in a dilemma as this week is a very busy week with visitors coming from everywhere, technician test prep and a number of vital meetings.  In an absolute act of pure kindness, Casper volunteered to drive me back to NYC!  We did just that!  In 14 hours we drove from Augusta to NYC.  Casper napped at my school for a few hours and then drove straight back!  

That act of dedication, kindness and thoughtfulness has left me very grateful.  Thanks Casper!

I just want to say that I'm very happy with the direction and growth of CWT and its Partner Schools.  The next year will bring a number of new programs and policies that will help us grow even further.  To the future!