Seminar in CT this weekend

Sifu Alex teaching Club Kung Fu owner Elliot LeungThis weekend I will be teaching my annual WT workshop at Club Kung Fu in Stamford CT.  The seminar is open to all CWT and CWT-Network students.  Outside guests may come but must register first with Club Kung Fu or here at CWT.  The topic of this year's workshop will be chi sau and tactical footwork and is open for all levels including beginners.  

The seminar is this Saturday, October 6th from 11am-4pm at Club Kung Fu,  1018 Hope St. Stamford, CT (203)504-2072 and the cost is $80/per person.


Good news! Expanding our instructor training program ASAP

With the influx of new students in our instructor training program I have been forced to split the class into two.  Now we have a junior class for those preparing to become an assistant training and a second class for those who are already trainers or instructors.  This was a necessary step as my class was becoming very crowded and we are dedicated to delivering a high level of quality and attention in our classes.  

The new revised schedule for those on the instructor training program is:

  1. Mondays & Wednesdays: 7:30-9:30pm - Assistant trainers (SG 9-12), Trainers (1TG) and Instructors (2TG +).  These classes will focus on the advanced WT skills as well as teaching skills, training methodology, fighting, conditioning and theory.
  2. Tuesdays & Thursdays: 7:30-9:30pm - Junior students (SG 3-8).  These classes will focus on teaching the first section of chi sau, chi sau sparring and fighting applications.  In addition the students will learn the first two forms in great detail and understand how to apply Wing Tsun in a realistic fighting situation.  Fighting applications, power training, theory and ground-fighting and much much more are all covered in this class.

This new schedule is already in effect.  As a result we are opening up a few more openings for candidates and will be selecting them for this program soon!



The Black Kung Fu Experience movie premiere

I had a blast last Saturday at the premier of a documentary called the Black Kung Fu Experience at the Harlem International Film Festival.  It was great to see my good friend, Ron Van Clief, who also happens to be one of the main subjects of the documentary.  For those of you who don't know, Ron was a world karate champion in the 60's and 70's as well as the star of a number of HK films known as the Black Dragon series.  He has since continued to work on films, compete and travel the world to teach his art of Chinese Goju.

The documentary chronicled the history of African American's involvement in Chinese kung fu.  The film had four main subjects, namely Ron Van Clief, Oso Tayari Casel,  Dennis Brown and Donald Hamby.  It was a solid and entertaining piece that I highly recommend!

During the Q & A one could see the sheer respect these martial artists have for each other, especially for Ron.  During one of the Q & A sessions, Ron introduced me to the audience as his "kung fu brother".  A truly momentous moment.


New addition to the WT family! 

City Wing Tsun has a new addition to the family! Last week we welcomed our daughter, Maria Isabella in Hong Kong.  Our healthy dragon girl was born at over 7lbs and is doing fine.  Very excited about getting her over here when she is ready to travel.

For those of you who follow me on FB, Twitter or Instagram you will notice that I have become one of "those" baby photo posting people now.  Please bear with me, I've never been more excited about anything before in my life.  

Will get back to posting exciting kick-ass WT photos shortly.  Maybe.


New Kid’s Kung Fu Program at CWT!

We are pleased to announce that this October we will fully launch our new kid’s kung fu program.  This program was developed in collaboration with experts in teaching martial arts to children as well as our own unique way of doing things.  Our program focuses on life skills such as discipline, respect, perseverance in addition to the martial skills.  The class will cover Chinese kung fu in a broad spectrum as Wing Tsun in its pure form is generally too difficult and too intense and aggressive for children.  For this reason we have developed a truly unique curriculum which combines the following elements:

1. Life skills development

Let’s face it, martial arts is a lot more than just punching and kicking.  Discipline, respect, perseverance and proper attitude are more important to instill in our children than merely learning self-defense.  When it comes to self-defense our children will learn that violence is the last resort.  This is accomplished through our state-of-the-art anti-bullying program and role playing games.

2. Traditional martial skills

The fun stuff - punching, kicking, tumbling, jumping and much more from a variety of Chinese kung fu styles, not only Wing Tsun.  Kids will get to learn a wide assortment of movements from movie stuff to very practical self-defense that will satisfy their need to learn and be challenged.  All practical self-defense techniques will come directly from Wing Tsun.

3. Modern martial skills

In addition to learning traditional kung fu, our kids will also be learning MMA techniques in a very safe and controlled environment.  This will broaden the perspective and give kids both a classical and modern martial arts education.  Kids will learn kickboxing skills as well as grappling skills taught in a challenging yet controlled way.

4. Physical fitness

With schools slashing PE budgets and kids spending too much time in front of the tablet or computer, fitness is a top priority for many parents.  In addition to the tremendous fitness gained from practicing martial arts, we have integrated physical fitness training into every class.  This training will focus on improving attributes like balance, coordination, strength, cardio and much more.

5. Goal setting

Goal setting is one of the most valuable life skills we can give our children.  Through our unique ranking system, we will teach the children (literally from day one in the intro lesson) the importance of setting goals and then accomplishing them.

We have a special instructor team as well as a dedicated program director just for our kid’s program.  For more information about enrolling your child, please contact us at (212) 354-9188 or email Our children’s program is for ages 5+ and while the program begins in October, we are already taking applicants for the program.  Get your child started right from the beginning!

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